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Engage’ is a crowdsourcing platform that utilises new technologies which allows citizens engage government on critical issues concerning them. It allows citizens to freely call on government or civil authorities in communities for action or engagement in areas they would love to see and create chances or opportunities for improvement, call for petition signing, blow 


Zabe monitor’s elections by providing detailed real-time information through crowd sourcing. Zabe is a mobile APP/web-based solution that collects data normally sent by observers at individual polling units. Zabe sorts the data, analyse the data and report the data using a simple and clean interface that is very interactive and easy to use. 


Unsub is a digital platform that connects victims of sexual and gender-based violence to stakeholders working in the space.


BackUp is a GPS enabled mobile application to protect persons whose rights are infringed on to easily report an emergency arrest, harassment or human rights violation propagated by law enforcement agencies.


RISE, which is an acronym for Relief Intervention and Symptom Evaluation is a user-friendly web and USSD application that focuses on helping people at the bottom of the pyramid to access relief in this pandemic period, by connecting them to relief providers within their location.

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5 Projects in 3 Countries